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Sober Joe is Coffee with a Cause. We donate ALL of our profits to help organizations on the frontlines in the battle against addiction. Helping others never tasted so good!

Compassion for Addiction

The available information about addiction is inadequate, hence the high failure rate of programs. The mainstream view of addiction (as compared with the medical view) is that addiction is a matter of individual choice, moral failure, or weakness. Thus exist the approaches aimed at deterrence or punishment.

The medical view is that addiction is a disease of the brain, with disordered brain circuits and disordered behaviors. This view is both accurate, so far as it goes, and hopelessly narrow. It is accurate because the addicted brain is demonstrably a physiologically dysfunctional brain, but narrow because it seeks to explain the dysfunction in strictly physiological and biochemical terms, without recognizing the emotional and social inputs into how the brain operates. (See biopsychosocial above.) Different as they are, these two views share a lack of understanding that addiction is a product of and a response to life experience; in fact, it’s neither a conscious choice nor an inherited illness.

Addiction is a complex issue and to make progress, it should be addressed from several angles. Compassion For Addiction will partner with other organizations in the areas of prevention, advocacy, policy, research, and treatment to highlight organizations making progress in these areas. Together we will spread awareness about this campaign.

Vicki Dulai, co-founder 
Gabor Maté, co-founder 
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