Our Coffee

Coffee with a Cause

High quality becomes necessity when switching from bartenders to baristas. Sober Joe coffees are a carefully crafted blend of hand-picked South and Central American Arabica varieties. 

“Daily Reprieve Maintenance Blend"  is an Organic, Fair-Trade blend of beans sourced from from Costa Rica and Peru. It's a delightfully complex full-bodied roast that is a treat to the most discriminating coffee palate.  Its SOBERGANIC!


“Dark Before Dawn Recovery Blend” is a roasted in the European dark roast tradition. It is characterized by it’s exceptionally rich, full-bodied flavor. This blend is to Coffee what Guinness Stout is to Beer.  


"Dawn's Surly Light On-Awakening Blend" is a medium-bodied coffee that is well balanced and delightfully aromatic that delivers smooth flavor in every cup.


Sober Joe is roasted, packed and filled to our exacting formulas and specifications.